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Registration for this event is now open. Please visit our home page for other upcoming events, including the BDA Solvency Immersion Conference, for which July through December 2024 registration is now OPEN.

This will be a first-time event in 2024, and we are working through details and plans now. Please keep an eye on this page for updates. In the meantime, we are excited to help our participants to reach intended business outcomes as follows:


  • Identify and qualify your ideal clients


  • Identify and optimize your product offering and communicate your value


  • Create goals and accountability measurements, ROI (return on investment) standards

  • Identify and develop a marketing plan to achieve your goals 

  • Sell with spiritual integrity and an attitude of service toward your clients, your business, and yourself


To support these outcomes, we will ensure opportunities for live Q & A periods during each workshop and drop-in.



To support our anonymity and confidentiality, NONE of these group activities will be recorded.

Our planned topics for this 4-workshop series on alternating Sundays, with two or three additional drop-ins, are below:

May 5, 2024 —

  • Choosing your clients and creating your offer or offers

  • Practicing BDA Tools 8 and 9 — There is enough and being aware of our competition


May 12, 2024 (Mother's Day, definite drop-in) —

Optional drop-in for registrants who are interested and available


May 19, 2024 —

  • Creating and identifying your goals, your strategies, and your channels

  • Practicing BDA Tools 5 and 6 — Dollars spent should generate revenue and clarity about profit margins


May 26, 2024 (US Memorial Day weekend, tentative drop-in based on participant interest) —

Optional drop-in for registrants who are interested and available


June 2, 2024 —

  • Creating and implementing your marketing path, your marketing message, and your marketing method or methods

  • Practicing BDA Tools 7 and 10 — Doing what we say we will and holding our clients accountable


June 9, 2024 (definite drop-in) —

Optional drop-in for registrants who are interested and available


June 16, 2024 (Father's Day, no drop-in) —

Both of our workshop leaders are fathers and will be spending this Sunday with their sons



June 23, 2024 —

  • Presentations of BDA-Inspired Marketing plans — This will be described in more detail during the workshops 

  • Practicing BDA Tool 12 — Leading, delegating, and being responsible for our businesses' services and success


  • Workshop series recap and wrap up

How to register:

Please send a one-time contribution of $77 or more via with a note that says: 

BDA-Inspired Marketing (and your preferred email address for follow-up)


Please keep in mind that your $77 donation (or more) will give you access to up to FOUR 2-hour interrelated workshops, plus at least TWO 2-hour drop-ins, spanning two months.

All funds received will be split between our General Fund (20%), Literature Fund (60%), and Public Information Fund (20%) — Our service vision is to say "yes" to every request we receive for free DA and BDA conference-approved literature and to provide meaningful outreach to our fellow debtors who need our help. Please support our vision and service activities!

​Please see our Service Goals and Treasury Reports for more information about "where the money goes" and reach out to with questions.


NOTE: For newcomers to DA and BDA — we consider those in their first six months of DA and BDA membership to be newcomers — we actively discourage your attendance in this workshop series.


Please claim your solvency date, take at least the first three Steps in DA and BDA, and then consider digging into the rest of the DA and BDA principles and tools.


For application and support of DA and BDA's principles, especially but not only the 12 Steps, please consider attending one of the six-month BDA Solvency Immersion Conference cycles.

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